Not Your Daily Grind

Aaand we’re back. Busy times in the restaurant kitchen, technical issues, and the dog eating our homework… all conspired to keep us offline for much longer than intended. Please accept our apologies for the interruption. Normal blogging service has been resumed… kicking off with a little bit of nitro-grinding.

Nitro-grinding – the process of chilling foods to super-low temperatures using liquid nitrogen, and then pulverising them with a food processor, pestle and mortar or other grinding device – provides a great way to create powders or coarser grains from ingredients that traditionally wouldn’t stand up to such extreme measures without substantial structural change.

Herbs and nuts are the most obvious candidates for nitro-grinding. The former can be turned into powders without turning to mush, the latter ground finely without releasing their oils. So, we figured, what about utilising nitro-grinding for a recipe that combines herbs AND nuts? The result is Nitro Pesto. All the flavour and aroma of the original, but with a noticeably fresher, cleaner taste, and a very pleasing texture.

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