A Little Light Reading…

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3 Responses to A Little Light Reading…

  1. Duncan says:

    The Guardian’s review today says “Eighty per cent of the recipes in the book can be made with the utensils that you can find in a shopping mall kitchen store.”

    Do you think that is remotely accurate?

  2. Erica Graham says:

    I wish I could say yay or nay, but not had the thing long enough- I’m sure Mark will be able to tell you! Often though, the recipes are a lot simpler than you expect them to be. I love the “take in the kitchen and get it dirty” folder!

    • alliumfood says:

      As Erica says, a lot of the recipes are simpler than you might expect, with steps involving more obscure items such as centrifuges often listed as optional. That said, sous vide equipment is pretty much essential, along with access to a good range of gelling agents, starches and other chemicals. The recipe side of things is arguably very similar to the Fat Duck Cookbook, in that you can certainly do 80 percent of most plated dishes if you have the skill and time, but often it’s the extra 20 percent that’s crucial or most interesting.

      It’s also worth pointing out that the recipe book is just one of five volumes. The Modernist Cuisine book is arguably more an incredibly-well researched and lab-tested reference work on every aspect of savoury cuisine than a cookbook. Think of it as Harold McGee’s ‘On Food and Cooking’ on steroids, and with production values that suggest a near limitless budget. Yes, it’s that good.

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