Apple Of Your Eye (Homegrown Part Two)

As promised, here’s the plating for our new suckling pig dish. It’s a sequel of sorts to the Pork In Cotswold Orchard dish that proved so popular through the autumn months, with a few new wrinkles to elevate things just that little bit further. This time around we have three main piggy cuts (belly, shoulder, and chop), along with a meltingly tender piece of sausage. Each is cooked individually at a different temperature, to help coax a surprisingly diverse set of flavours and textures from a single animal.

All that porkiness is paired with poached and seared pear, apple puree, apple ‘leaves and bark’, red cabbage, a gently smouldering applewood stick for added aroma, plus a serving of homely allium smokey baked beans. Well, homely if your home is the kind with a big bag of (the justifiably world-famous) Tarbais beans in the store cupboard. Sometimes a few extra food miles are undoubtedly worth it…

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1 Response to Apple Of Your Eye (Homegrown Part Two)

  1. Looks absolutely fantastic! Love the idea of serving pork on a board, somehow seems so apt, maybe it’s the pork-apple link which is why. Great work.

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