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Hay On… Why?

For anyone wondering about our first practical application for that vinegar powder recipe, here it is: Lamb in Hay with Wool. As main courses go, it’s something of a sheep in wolf’s clothing. What sounds challenging, and indeed does use … Continue reading

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Out To Pasture (Rock’n’Roll – Slight Return)

Our previous bovine-based main course – featuring a potato ‘marrowbone’ stuffed with meltingly braised meat and real marrow – has enjoyed great success over the last year. But now it’s time to push things forward once again, with a new … Continue reading

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Tinned Goods

Yes, it is indeed sardines. In a tin. A mainstay starter from our autumn menu, Sardines In A Tin is one of those dishes that seems to shine because of, not despite, its apparent simplicity. This is one where the … Continue reading

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Life Is Sweet

The first full chocolate production run is over, and our finely honed selection of five flavours are now on sale at deli allium. From left to right we have Sloe Liqueur, Salted Butter Caramel, Hazelnut Praline, Peppermint with Crème De Menthe, and Earl Grey Ganache. … Continue reading

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What Lies Beneath

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Skate On Ice… Rock stars have an annoying habit of claiming that their latest hit ‘seemed to write itself’. Sadly the gap between true inspiration and completion is rarely so easily bridged in the … Continue reading

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