Brought To Book

A positive review is always welcome, particularly one in such a well-respected guidebook as the recently published The Good Food Guide 2011. Now in its 60th year, the guide remains the UK’s bestselling foodie review tome, and because it’s compiled in part from reader feedback, it uniquely also provides a barometer for true customer opinion.

But maybe even closer to our hearts, or at least to our kitchens, is restaurant allium’s inclusion in the guide’s spanking new partner tome, The Good Food Guide: Recipes Celebrating 60 of the UK’s Best Chefs and Restaurants. Yes, it’s quite a mouthful, but that’s somewhat appropriate for a 264-page hardback, especially one that not only explains why the 60 selected chefs have been deemed worthy of inclusion, but also gives the reader the opportunity to taste why, too.

As we continue research and development work in our test kitchen, pushing to create a truly different, yet fundamentally British kind of cuisine, it’s heartening to rub shoulders here with some our own favourite forward-thinking peers and friends. That said, the dish we’ve contributed is less an exercise in modernism as one dedicated to pure indulgence. Not that a dessert harnessing the earthy sweetness of beetroot could ever be accused of playing it too safe…

For a full step-by-step recipe for our Blood Orange Délice with Beetroot Sorbet and Chocolate Powder, alongside 59 more offerings from chefs including Sat Bains,  Casamia’s Jonray and Peter Sanchez-Iglesias, and master classicist Raymond Blanc, click here to grab your copy of The Good Food Guide: Recipes Celebrating 60 of the UK’s Best Chefs and Restaurants.

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2 Responses to Brought To Book

  1. I rave about your restaurant and Deli to all my cookery students at The Bertinet Kitchen Cookery School in Bath and The Foodworks Cookery School near Cirencester. Your awards and accolades are well deserved. Excellent service, excellent food. Bravi.
    All good wishes, Silvana de Soissons

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