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Brought To Book

A positive review is always welcome, particularly one in such a well-respected guidebook as the recently published The Good Food Guide 2011. Now in its 60th year, the guide remains the UK’s bestselling foodie review tome, and because it’s compiled … Continue reading

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A Sour Note

Forget turning water into wine. We wanted to turn a liquid into a solid. Without fundamentally altering its taste. Specifically, we’ve been working on a new lamb dish with an element that in its standard form is sweet yet, with the late addition of something like a powder, could instead deliver a sweet and sour taste. In short, we needed vinegar powder. Continue reading

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A work in progress from the allium test kitchen. Just need a little more fine-tuning of this, one small but crucial piece of a larger, super tasty puzzle.

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Rabbit Season

Tastes like chicken? What is it about rabbit that has always sent people scurrying for calming comparisons? Those big, doe eyes? The fur? Or simply the domestication of an animal otherwise best known for digging holes and breeding like, well, … Continue reading

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Quick, Quick Sloe

Like so many of the finer things, the real problem with sloe gin is that it takes longer (far longer) to make than it does to consume. The waiting is arguably half the fun, and nature does seem to have planned things pretty well – the berries of the blackthorn bush are ripe for picking here in the UK when they begin to show their true blue colours after the first frosts of October. Continue reading

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