Let The Blogging Begin…

Welcome to the first of what we’re planning will be a whole series of regular blogs from the world of allium. Why a blog? And why now? restaurant allium has, after all, been doing rather well without one since it opened its doors in the market town of Fairford over six years ago now. The simple answer is that this is very much a new phase for allium. In the last few months there’s been the successful launch of the deli allium shop, the creation of a new research and development test kitchen, and the introduction of some exciting summer and autumn dishes that give some hint of what’s to come.

Firm fans of allium can rest easy. We’re not about to abandon what’s come before – a style of cooking honed over the last few years here by head chef and co-owner James Graham, following time served at restaurants including the OXO Tower, The Horn of Plenty, and The Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. The commitment to sourcing the best, local produce remains the same, as does the commitment to all the other things – in-house butchering, daily bread baking, an award-winning local cheese selection, and carefully crafted wine list  – that collectively help define the allium experience.

Rather our aim is to further embrace our collective British culinary and cultural heritage while also – where appropriate – pushing forward by embracing new techniques and flavours, and developing the knowledge that will allow us to create something truly unique. Interesting times ahead, in other words, and so an ideal time to start sharing our thoughts and documenting our progress.

In future postings we’ll doubtless talk a little more about where our food is headed, as well as shining a spotlight on the team here at allium. But really we’ll try to keep the long-winded philosophising to a minimum and instead make this a useful and entertaining resource – including shared recipes and notes on interesting techniques, snapshots of works-in-progress, videos that bring tutorials and other interesting topics to life, and a whole bunch of other postings that will hopefully appeal whether you’re a home cook, professional chef, allium regular, or just someone who likes to surf the web and look at pretty pictures of food.

For now, here’s a little peak behind the scenes – both during and after our recent makeover. An extensive front-of-house refurbishment, it’s given the restaurant a completely new-yet-comfortable appearance thoroughly in keeping with the evolving nature of the menu.

The restaurant's bar area, mid-refit.

The main restaurant, ready for business.

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One Response to Let The Blogging Begin…

  1. chefhermes says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, we wish you all the best for the future & we’ll be keeping an eye out for you.
    Love the place setting JPG, excellent taste.

    Regards from
    The Chef Hermes Blog

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